Back to work!

The last couple of weeks have been more or less constant work in and on my new living space, but starting with this weekend, I’ve finally found time and ease again to continue with my musical activities to finish “The Deception Principle” EP in due time. It’s certainly gonna help that my home studio offers quite some space and more satisfactory surroundings than ever. Stay tuned for more info soon!


Things are progressing well again

Even though I had to postpone the release of the upcoming EP, I’ve been progressing nicely since that announcement – a full new song has been added to the tracklist and is about to be finished.

The vocals for the EP are currently being recorded and that is probably the most time-consuming process for me -> after that, I only have to work on little details, as I’m very satisfied with everything else so far.

Stay tuned!

Update about my upcoming release

As you already know, I’m working on a little EP for 2017. It will contain two or three original songs, as well as (most likely) two covers to influental bands – a tribute, you could say.

I can already tell you that one cover will be a Depeche Mode song from their earlier days and I’m having great fun adding my own twist to it!

Stay tuned for more info coming soon.

Info about progressing projects and location

Alright, I have some good news coming up here for those, who are interested:

For quite some time I have planned to upgrade my home equipment to enhance the quality of my sound – especially my mixing options. Since I’ve moved into my new home, I’ve had a vacant room for a home recording studio – which suits my more professional needs just nicely. Now, I’ve improved my sound monitoring situation and many more things and I actually decided to put my work on another demo aside and concentrate on a full-length release, combining all these styles and ideas forming in my head, creating something that might turn out to be a crossover style between 80s Post-Punk, Darkwave,…and my undying love for crunchy heavy metal riffs in their various forms.

Basically, I’m working on a summary, a compilation of the musical ideas I’ve been developing for almost 10 years now – with my nowadays mindset, instrumental skill and upgraded equipment.

I don’t know how long it will take to achieve this, but I’ve been working hard on new music and I’m progressing rather nicely. I’m excited on how this will turn and I hope you will be too!