Postponement of EP release necessary

Hello guys, I’m sorry to say that there’s A LOT of stuff going on right now, hardly any time left for Adder’s Fork owing to many circumstances that I’ve got to handle right now.

The good news is -> I’ll most likely have the opportunity to invest more into a future home studio where I’ll be able to work more efficiently due to a larger living space.

I’ll keep you updated about further progress of The Deception Principle and its accompanying music video plans for The Individualist track.


Progress & Info

Slowly but surely, I’m coming close to wrapping up the songwriting for my upcoming EP, barring a few possible re-arrangements and lead guitar parts. Vocals are saved for last.

Also, as you should already know, releasing a music video to one of my new songs ist the big goal for this year and I can’t wait to give you more info on this – all in due time.

Meanwhile, I still got some copies of my “A Farewell to Expectations”-CDs left, so if you want one, you can have your piece – free of charge. Get in touch!