Plans for 2017:

A new release should be finished throughout 2017.

I have plans for my music video debut throughout 2017.

I want more Adder’s Fork listeners!

So, as you can see – there is a lot to do! Stay tuned!


Working on the final product!

Yes indeed, I’m practicing and working on the final takes of the written songs, meaning that they will be finished soon, apart from the vocals. There is space for maybe one more track, but we’ll see. I’m just glad that I’m progressing fine and that I’ve finally managed to get some good distortion out of software as well.

Can’t wait to finish!

THE JOYS OF SOLITUDE – Demo released – free download!

Download link below, listen and enjoy!

The Joys of Solitude (Demo) –

Finally, I’m done, here is the final tracklist:

1. Contact (Introduction)
2. This Betrayal Is All Yours
3. Tales of a Broken Man
4. The Joys of Solitude (Instrumental)

Thanks to Benjamin Kantschieder from KANOI for adding a neat guest guitar solo on “Tales of a Broken Man”!

Check out his music here: