The Individualist

The Independent Voice E-Zine3.5/5 – November 16th, 2018

“Has he created his own vision? Arguably, yes. He may be heavily inspired by aggressive music styles, but refreshingly he has managed to create a dark atmosphere that isn’t all about power chords and blast beats. Instead, such ideas are used with intelligence and taste, and all instruments work together in a way that makes the others shine.”

Sjeverna Strava Zine8/10 – October 21th, 2018

“…you can almost see witches dancing while listening and you get the wish to hold hands and join in their dark celebrations. The overall feel of the record is like riding to some exciting but dangerous task through the dark night.”

The Median Man – Blog – September 20th, 2018

“It steadily moves and shifts with the times to create something that is both interesting and different, whilst maintaining something of the enigma about it. The driving riffs and the snarling vocals add to this feeling.”

A Farewell to Expectations – “Underground von Unten”  – February 5, 2017 – written in German

“Im Großen und Ganzen besticht „A Farewell To Expectations“ vor allem durch seine schön kreierte Atmosphäre, was es zu einem Anspieltipp für nicht allzu engstirnige Gothic-Freunde macht.”

Psychotic Philosophy II Blog – October 9, 2016

“A Farewell To Expectations” is just that.  Let go of long held beliefs of how metal should be and just lose yourself in this album, immersing in all the textures of sound melded together with a dark melancholy.”