New project logo done!

I’m very positive to announce a new bandlogo done by the great artist!

He’s managed to create a logo exactly the way I wanted it to look like. Thanks!

This new logo (as seen as the new header picture on this page on the left)  is planned to appear on all future “Adder’s Fork” publications.

Of course – wherever possible –  in the highest possible (uncompressed) quality

A little teasing…

Since my voice is currently down due to a strong cold, I’ve been working on different things:

  1. A real band logo, drawn by a professional designer, will soon be done and I can’t wait for the final product!
  2. I’ve created a little teaser video, with me playing some snippets from the upcoming album. You can also hear the new mix there, which is close to being final and I love how good it sounds for a home recording. Technology has come a long way! Enjoy!

Far from dead!

Due to some heavy turbulences in the last few months, I’ve had many things to sort out – but I was able to continue my work in the meantime. Music is done, vocal recording in full process (which is tough!) and I’m working on the cover art of the album.

Stay tuned!

Working on the final product!

Yes indeed, I’m practicing and working on the final takes of the written songs, meaning that they will be finished soon, apart from the vocals. There is space for maybe one more track, but we’ll see. I’m just glad that I’m progressing fine and that I’ve finally managed to get some good distortion out of software as well.

Can’t wait to finish!