Collaboration with GrandSounds-Promotion!

Official announcement: I’m collaborating with GrandSounds-Promotion for all promotion purposes concerning “The Individualist” EP. This will help with gaining more listeners and grant access to more channels for the distribution of my music.

Thanks to Oleksandr for the Support!


EP release-date revealed

The new EP will officially see the light of day on November 10, 2018!

Also, a final change to the overall idea has been made -> I’ve changed the title to “The Individualist” which is not only the title track of the EP, but also a more fitting, more concise name for this creation. The “Releases” page has already been updated.

Digital copies/streaming and more official CD release information coming soon!


Final stages!

Big update! All songs are finished, as is the mixing of these tracks. That means I’m at the mastering stage, finalizing the release. Be sure that it will hit the streets this year, as announced.

Next steps:

– I’ve hired a promo-company to spread my music
– A fresh, new song will be released soon!
– there will (again) be a CD release (small amounts) for free!

Vocals done! Final mix & mastering now.

The missing vocal parts are now fully recorded.

I’ve been spending a lot of freetime to improve my vocal performance and to me it has paid off already, working on my voice has definitely improved its stability and my confidence and I think it shows on the record.

Anyway, I’m working on the final mix now. One final vacation break soon and the final bulk afterwards. Can’t wait to give you a taste of the EP soon!

Back to work!

The last couple of weeks have been more or less constant work in and on my new living space, but starting with this weekend, I’ve finally found time and ease again to continue with my musical activities to finish “The Deception Principle” EP in due time. It’s certainly gonna help that my home studio offers quite some space and more satisfactory surroundings than ever. Stay tuned for more info soon!

Things are progressing well again

Even though I had to postpone the release of the upcoming EP, I’ve been progressing nicely since that announcement – a full new song has been added to the tracklist and is about to be finished.

The vocals for the EP are currently being recorded and that is probably the most time-consuming process for me -> after that, I only have to work on little details, as I’m very satisfied with everything else so far.

Stay tuned!