Back to work!

The last couple of weeks have been more or less constant work in and on my new living space, but starting with this weekend, I’ve finally found time and ease again to continue with my musical activities to finish “The Deception Principle” EP in due time. It’s certainly gonna help that my home studio offers quite some space and more satisfactory surroundings than ever. Stay tuned for more info soon!


Things are progressing well again

Even though I had to postpone the release of the upcoming EP, I’ve been progressing nicely since that announcement – a full new song has been added to the tracklist and is about to be finished.

The vocals for the EP are currently being recorded and that is probably the most time-consuming process for me -> after that, I only have to work on little details, as I’m very satisfied with everything else so far.

Stay tuned!

Postponement of EP release necessary

Hello guys, I’m sorry to say that there’s A LOT of stuff going on right now, hardly any time left for Adder’s Fork owing to many circumstances that I’ve got to handle right now.

The good news is -> I’ll most likely have the opportunity to invest more into a future home studio where I’ll be able to work more efficiently due to a larger living space.

I’ll keep you updated about further progress of The Deception Principle and its accompanying music video plans for The Individualist track.

Lots of info about the new EP and cover art revealed!

It’s time to sum up all new info I can give you so far!

The new EP will be titled The Deception Principle and will see the light of day throughout February 2018.

I’d like to thank the Mexican artist Jorgei Racheta for creating an excellent cover illustration, quite perfectly putting the imagination that’s been dwelling in my head right on paper and screen.

You can find more of his work here:

More info will follow soon!

Enjoy the new cover!

The Deception Principle Grey


Teaser time!

I’ve put a few raw snippets of songs up to YouTube, I hope you’ll like it!

The video consists of jam/rehearsal clips and parts of three songs featured on the upcoming EP. Still not the final mix, but getting closer.

  1. Witchgrove Mountain
  2. The Individualist (the track a music video is planned for)
  3. The Dog and Pony Show (working title)


Progress & Info

Slowly but surely, I’m coming close to wrapping up the songwriting for my upcoming EP, barring a few possible re-arrangements and lead guitar parts. Vocals are saved for last.

Also, as you should already know, releasing a music video to one of my new songs ist the big goal for this year and I can’t wait to give you more info on this – all in due time.

Meanwhile, I still got some copies of my “A Farewell to Expectations”-CDs left, so if you want one, you can have your piece – free of charge. Get in touch!

Update about my upcoming release

As you already know, I’m working on a little EP for 2017. It will contain two or three original songs, as well as (most likely) two covers to influental bands – a tribute, you could say.

I can already tell you that one cover will be a Depeche Mode song from their earlier days and I’m having great fun adding my own twist to it!

Stay tuned for more info coming soon.