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Adder’s Fork is my musical project brought to life in 2012.

The project name “Adder’s Fork” comes from William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Macbeth”.

These words are uttered by the three witches as they mix their ingredients into a boiling cauldron, the “Adder’s Fork” (the split tongue of the adder/common viper) being one of them.

It has been created to be the platform for my musical ideas, influenced by a wide array of great early Goth/Post-Punk bands like Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Talk Talk, The Sound and similar artists.

What I’m trying to achieve is a satisfying combination of these unforgettable classic sounds with the more hard-hitting elements of heavy metal and its numerous subgenres, creating my own vision of the music that guided me through the majority my life.


  • Name:                    Marko Köfler
  • Born:                      1987 in Vienna, Austria
  • Instruments:      Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Synth, Programming, Vocals (all varying dramatically in skill :))
  • Bands & Stuff:     Shores of Sheol & various experimental projects or bands since 2003/2004.

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Thanks to my friends who are also excellent jamming dudes and who, often without even knowing, influence me in my writing and give ideas just through their playing presence in the rehearsal room! THANKS FOR BEING THERE.

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