Still progressing

Just to inform you, I’m still working on said demo; most recordings are done and the songs themselves are basically finished in their raw form. I’m sure I’ll change minor things, but my main focus is on practicing and recording the final versions for the demo.

Can’t wait to get this stuff out!


Explaining the name, work on logo and material news

The project name “Adder’s Fork” comes from William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Macbeth”. The words are uttered by the three witches as they mix their ingredients into their boiling cauldron, the “Adder’s Fork” (the split tongue of the adder/common viper) being one of them. I thought the name was very fitting for a project like mine and the subject will surely be touched upon by some lyrics later on, maybe in a more modern context.

Also, I’m trying to create a decent first logo for my work, but in case somebody’s offering his/her talented hands and time – it would be greatly appreciated.

As of now, I have three tracks for a demo release in the works, each of them being more than 50% ready. I’ve recorded guitar- and basslines all day and I’m very satisfied with the material!

Further news coming up soon.

Adder’s Fork – four years later….

It’s been almost four years since the last time I really committed time and devotion to creating my own music and about three years since i drew the curtain over my last project.

Soon I’ll be able to shed some light on my new music. I’ve shifted into lots of new directions over the years, so don’t expect lots of metal elements, if any at all. Adder’s Fork is a complete reset and has no ties to old ideas and tastes. Bands like The Cure, Joy Division and many more surely left an impression on me and it’ll be hard not to hear those influences shining through – not that I WANT to subdue those influences anyway!

I’m working hard on a first demo, so, maybe in due time I’ll be able to present some new tunes here.

It’s great to be inspired again!