New info about upcoming release

About a year ago, I released “The Individualist” with great pleasure and slowly, but steadily, a new release is taking shape:

It will be a EP made of 3 to 4 songs, establishing the sound found on the last release even further while at the same time putting more focus on the calmer side of 80s melodies.

More info will follow in the near future!

Adder’s Fork won’t be part of a W.A.S.P.-tribute!

Since time constraints don’t really allow it to happen before the end-of-August-deadline, I won’t be able to take part in that digital W.A.S.P-tribute mentioned earlier, my main focus remains on my own music, so I’m afraid I have to let this opportunity slide.

Be sure that there’ll be more things to come in the world of Adder’s Fork, though!

New Demo-Track/Video released!

Adder’s Fork – Untitled Demo Track 2019

Enjoy a new ADDER’S FORK playthrough demo-video. This demo version is the raw cut for a future release. It’s a little more on the older side of the Adder’s Fork sound (think of the 2013 demo) but with better songwriting and more variety. A few things will be changed in the end, but the structure of the song is pretty much set in stone.

Enjoy and never-mind my cat! He stepped into the game without permission.


A lot of things going on right now good & less good

Hello people – just a short update!

There is music I’m currently working on. Very loose and raw, but doing stuff. On the other hand, I have to relocate my home/home studio yet another time due to life playing out not exactly the way I expected it to. In the long term, I will be able to maintain a good recording standard and perhaps actually surpass the current one.

Adder’s Fork will continue with new work, but expect a little delay due to aforementioned reasons. Meanwhile, re-listen to my previous music and stay tuned!

Another new review/gathering ideas

Another great review (8.5) by Brazilian magazine “Metal Na Lata”! Honored to read about Adder’s Fork down there! THANK YOU! I’ll be trying to work on that Dani Filth scream you requested 😉

Also, I’ve started with loose work on new material, trying out new things and gathering ideas. I’ll talk about this again later, when things have grown into something more tangible.