Another new review/gathering ideas

Another great review (8.5) by Brazilian magazine “Metal Na Lata”! Honored to read about Adder’s Fork down there! THANK YOU! I’ll be trying to work on that Dani Filth scream you requested 😉

Also, I’ve started with loose work on new material, trying out new things and gathering ideas. I’ll talk about this again later, when things have grown into something more tangible.


New review from Austrian webzine!

One of my favourite online music webzines has published a review for the Individualist! Check it out here and enjoy the read (German/Deutsch)!

Another great review added!

Written by Adder’s Fork fan Dan – aka woodland_prattler – on the Metal Archives! Take a look at the “Reviews” section for a good read and another hint of why you should listen to “The Individualist” now!

A few physical CDs (free of charge!) are still in stock, get in touch!

More good reviews incoming/Featured on!

Take a look at the “Reviews” section to find two new reviews, telling you about how the respective writers thought about “The Individualist” EP.

So far reception has been mostly positive, a personal highlight is the many new listeners over at Soundcloud – “The Individualist” has been clicked on almost 500 times within a single week!

I’m glad people are enjoying it! Keep spreading the word, thanks!


Alright people, here we go! “The Individualist” EP is available TODAY!

Check out the YouTube-Stream here:

“The Individualist” – EP Stream

If you want a physical CD, just contact me! Download options & further info can be found on the “release” page here on this website!

Enjoy the new Adder’s Fork EP!


Finally – here’s the first (and surely not the last) music video for Adder’s Fork! Hope you’ll like “The Individualist” clip, made by Indonesian artist Doni Irawan.

Thanks to Grand Sounds Promotion and Metal Underground for the promotion and official premiere! Watch the video here:

Adder’s Fork – The Individualist Official Video

Important message! Pre-orders of “The Individualist” – EP!

I received the completed CD package from the “media care” manufacturer a few days ago and you may have yours on November 10th – please give a shout-out here or on Facebook if you want your CD! The new EP is still FREE OF CHARGE, you may help me out with shipping expenses, but that is not a necessity and remains your choice.